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Sid Saver Account (Kid Account)

Join me, Sid Saver, in a very special account!

Sid “The Saving Fish”If you’re under the age of 14, I invite you to open a Sid Saver account! I created this very special account to help you save money and have fun too. You even get an official Sid Saver Member Card!

  • Saving money is easy. Just open a Sid Saver account and you can add money to it whenever you want.
  • Saving money is smart. When you save money a little at a time, it adds up. Then before you know it, you have a large amount to use on something special. The BEST part of having a Sid Saver account is the money you save earns more money, called dividends. The more money you keep in your savings account, and the longer you leave it there, the more money the credit union will give you. That’s why it’s good to save as much as you can for as long as you can.

Signing up is super easy! Just ask your parents to help you and faster than you can say fish sticks, you’ll be an official Sid Saver!

-Sid “The Saving Fish”

Sid the fish saver

For Moms & Dads

Good savings habits start young.

Sid here to tell you more about the Sid Saver account. I know you’re really busy, so here’s one thing I can do for you.

I can help you teach your kids the importance of saving money, and have fun doing it. I can show them how to grow a little money into a lot and how banking works.

  • It’s easy to be a Sid Saver. It only takes pennies to open an account and only a single dollar to start earning dividends. Your child can start with our “any amount weekly deposit” –yes, even pennies count! These features are special only to Sid Saver members.
  • It’s free, too. There are no service charges or fees on a Sid Saver account!
  • Don’t miss out! Sign up now so that I can start giving your special child a special savings account.

Give us a call at 508-678-9028 or stop in one of our branches to sign up or learn more. And remember, Sid Saves!

-Sid “The Saving Fish”

Sid the fish saver

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