Protect Yourself from Fraud

Scammers may contact you to try to get personal information like your Social Security number or your account numbers. Protect yourself. Do not give out your personal information.

Scammers may tell you you’ve won something, or pretend to be from a known organization, like Social Security or the IRS. They may claim you have prize winnings (or something else) that they’ll send you a check for. Further claiming that it’s overpayment and then instructing you to deposit it and to return some of the funds to them or elsewhere – but beware, that check looks real but it’s a fake! It will come back unpaid, and you will lose out on the money you sent them.

“If it’s too good to be true….it’s probably a fraud.”   -Ron Weber

We warn our members to never give out personal information in response to an email, automated telephone inquiries, or text messages. The Fall River Municipal Credit Union will never contact you over the phone or via e-mail asking you to provide us with your; ATM/Debit Card number, personal identification numbers (PINs), login passwords, checking account information, or sensitive personal data.

Please be aware that there are many types of scams.

Learn more about fraud, scams, identity theft, online security, and more ways to protect yourself by visiting Fraud Prevention Center |

FBI’s Common Scams and Crimes webpage, visit Common Scams and Crimes — FBI

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