FRMCU Smart Money Literacy Program

At Fall River Municipal Credit Union, it is part of our mission to help our members and the greater community to become smart consumers. We hope to achieve this by sharing valuable information that will help you to be more financially aware and more educated consumers.

That is why FRMCU created the Smart Money Financial Literacy Program. This is a program designed to educate our members and members of our community to be financially sound.

To do this, FRMCU will be sponsoring and hosting a series of different events and sessions designed to provide important information to improve one’s financial well-being.

Also, from time to time, FRMCU would like to share articles and information that will focus on different topics that will help you expand your financial knowledge.

FRMCU is proud to facilitate access to these resources so that our valued members and the community can learn and benefit from this program.

At FRMCU, we believe that everyone should experience financial success and, as always, we remain committed to stay “focused on you”!